English 1010
3-4-14The Woods There are many places that we go to so that we feel at peace. The place that I go to is the Woods. The Woods is an amazing place where all types of nature lives. When I walk into the woods I often step over fallen branches and my clothes get got on thorny vines. There are hawks that screech above me sitting stealthily on branches of the trees looking for little critters to snatch up with their razor sharp claws. When I walk in the Woods, there is no path that I go on…I just walk and walk until I am relieved from my stress or worries. As I look around, I come upon a hill and it is not east, thorny blackberry bushes and fallen trees lay in my way. At the bottom of the hill is a creek that is filled with trout and other types of fish. The water is crystal clear, which makes it easy to see the fish and the rocks that lay in the creek. As I walk along the creek, I spot a forgotten tree stand, falling apart from years of neglect and weather. On the trees, there is a lot of sap which catches my hair as I walk by them. This does not bother me because I am walking with a cleared mind and I am just admiring the beauty of nature all around me. The Woods is always different when it changes throughout the Seasons.
The Woods in the Summer time can be really humid or annoying. The mosquitoes are annoying because of their tendency to suck your blood like vampires. The snakes are very active and can be quite dangerous due to their ability to be so camoflaged that they are practically invisible. If you accidently step on one, it will most likely bite you which is the reason for wearing boots when walking in the Woods. You also have to be careful with wild hogs because depending on weather it’s a momma hog or not . . . they tend to be very aggressive when it comes to their territory. They have a rock solid body that can travel at a pretty good speed; they will charge you with their sharp and pointy horns that are sticking…

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