Viet Nam, my country, is one of the best tourist attractions in the world. Because Viet Nam has many beautiful landscapes and delicious foods, travelling to Viet Nam is so exciting . in fact , there are millions of foreign visitors come to Viet Nam every year. However, in spite of numerous interesting things you can find in Viet Nam, there are also some problems may disturb you when you travelling to Viet Nam. For this reason, I would give you some advises to make your Viet Nam travel more comfortable.As a tropical country, Viet Nam has a lot of nice landscapes . The tourists can be enthusiastic when they see Ha Long Bay, which is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world , or amazing when they come to Ngu Hanh Son mountain. But beside excitement, they may meet some ting inconvenient . There are the problems relate transportation and curiosity of local residents. The roads are rough and lack of transport. So when you intend to view landscapes in Viet Nam, I suggest you should prepare more water and ask the tour guide carefully to choose suitable transport. In addition, many local resident are so curious when you arrive to their hometown. They may tell together about your skin color or your clothes. Hence, when you meet this problem, you should not pay attention and feel bothering about what they said because it is not a racial discrimination, they are only too curious since you are foreigner.Besides, Viet Nam has many delicious foods with special recipes. Actually, Vietnamese food is a reason make foreign visitor choose Viet Name is a destination. I think when you meet Viet Nam , you can not ignore Pho or Bun Bo Hue. They are Vietnamese tradition foods , which the tourists like most . However, although Vietnamese food is delicious and have reasonable, you must be care when you enjoy it especially you come from Europe or US. Because the ways of cooking some foods maybe not suitable for you. For example, some food like Chao Long or Chao Huyet…

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