The Story Of Tom Brennan
The story of Tom Brennan, written by J.C. Burke teaches about the way relationships in a family can change over time. Characters begin by struggling with the bad times, but change to support one another over the course of the novel. Tom’s relationship with Kylie changes in this way, as does his relationship with his Uncle Brendan
At the start of the novel Tom and Kylies relationship is weak and both Kylie and Tom are distant from there family , especially each other and this is shown by the quote I hate you! I hate you! I hate all of you!.’ Kylie saying I hate you Shows repetition and the frustration she has. This is one of the constant fights that Kylie and Tom have been having since the move from Mumbilli to Coghill and the accident involving there brother. In the novel Kylie and Tom do not even know each other anymore, as shown in the quotes ‘I hate my hair, I hate my life’. Tom responded’ since when did you start smoking?’ shows they do not talk about anything that is happening and they didn’t even have the choice on the move. anymore’ ‘That was the thing about my sister, she had become tough. It was like i hardly knew her anymore’. Tom uses a metaphor to sum up Kylie’s negative transformation, a consequence of the accident with the verb ‘tough’ and the simile ‘like i hardly knew her anymore’ which emphasizes their changed relationship. ‘Tell someone who cares, Tom.’ Kylie and Tom’s relationship is breaking down. This quote represents not only Tom and Kylie’s relationship being in turmoil, but also the entire families. The loss of Daniel, and comfort of their hometown, stresses the family because of the great loss of identity they’ve encountered.This proves that at the start of the novel, Kylie and Tom’s relationship is weak.

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