With the advanced technology, smartphone become a common item. The term smartphone refers to a programmable mobile phone that offers advanced capabilities and features that help individuals in their daily work and personal life (Euromonitor, 2010a). The smartphones have much more functions compared with the traditional one such as playing music, surfing on the Internet, using apps to chat with friends. These advanced functions make smartphone a user-friendly item and therefore, in recent years, people tend to own one. Our mobile planet (2014) conducted a survey regarding to the countries with highest smartphone penetration. Many well-developed countries such as Australia, United Kingdom and United States have at least 55% of their citizens own a smartphone.
“Due to time scarcity, consumers have a high need for convenience where they are able to use their smartphones at any time and any place” (Genova, 2010). It is generally accepted that smartphones allow people to achieve multi-tasking. With a smartphone in one’s hand, many things a person can do even though there are limitations and barriers. Smartphones are also a user-friendly item. According to Jeon et al (2011), “smartphone user can develop any programs which are customized in specific needs.” Smartphones are no longer an item that is just for contacting people, it has become an item that can fit in one’s need. Therefore, smartphones are considered as convenient and user-friendly devices.
However, someone claims that smartphones may harm people’s health. According to Chan (2012), he suggests that smartphones emit radiation while using. He also suggests that the radiation emit during charging is 2 times greater than using the phone normally. “Using smartphones for a long period of may suffered from several eye diseases due to radiation.” (Suet, 2011) Thus, this is one of the reason suggests that smartphones may harm people’s health.
Smartphones also makes people addicted to them. A research…

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