POL 443 Entire CourseFor more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comPOL 443 Week 1 Individual Assignment Representation of Interests Matrix Paper (UOP)
POL 443 Week 2 Individual Assignment Elitism and Institutional Power Paper (UOP)
POL 443 Week 3 Individual Assignment Special Interests Groups and Political Participation (UOP)
POL 443 Week 4 Assignment; Influencing Public Policy – Improving Fuel Standards (UOP)
POL 443 Week 4 Assignment Public Policy Influences Simulation (UOP)
POL 443 Week 4 Individual Assignment Factionalism Evaluation and Presentation Paper (UOP)
POL 443 Week 5 Assignment Public Policy Influences Paper (UOP)
POL 443 Week 5 Individual Assignment; Pluralism vs Elitism Opinion Paper (UOP)
__________________________________________________________________________________________–POL 443 Week 4 Individual Assignment Factionalism Evaluation and Presentation Paper
For more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comRead Chapters 7 and 9 of the text Who’s Running AmericaRead Chapter 8 of the text Organized Interests and American Government.
Factionalism Evaluation Paper and Presentation
Select a contemporary issue that that has generated polarized view points (environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, worker’s rights, etc.). After selecting the issue, describe the competition between elite groups and/or special interest groups in regard to related policy decisions and how the issue has been debated. For example, one could examine environmentalist versus big business approach to the question of whether the lumber industry should have access to old growth forests. Or, one could examine how specific institutional elites have competed over issues such as free speech or “family values.”
After providing the information requested above, provide your own assessment of whether or not the factionalism you have described has contributed to a healthy debate regarding the selected issue and…

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