ACCT 504 Entire course

ACCT 504 Entire course

ACC 212 financial accounting…

CIS 106 Chapter 1 Introduction to Access Multiple Choice Questions

CIS 106 Chapter 1 Introduction to Access Multiple Choice Questions…

ECO 203 Final Paper Expansionary Policies Week 5

ECO 203 Final Paper Expansionary Policies Week 5…

a lonely river’s autobiography

Essay on the autobiography of a riverIntroductionI am a river. I like to give you an account of my life. You may laugh to think what is the value of the autobiography of a river. You may laugh if you like. Men write their autobiographies. They have importance in their own way. I have importance in my own way.Birth and early careerI was born long ago in an obscure place in a mountain. Several very small streams of water joined together to form one bigger stream. That ishow I was born. I am that bigger stream. I am restless from my birth. I cannot stay at one place. So I flow down the mountain. I leap from one rock to another. I am full of life and vigor. As I flow down, I gather strength. My current is very strong here. I carry down with mebroken rocks. At last I come down to the plains.My career in the upper plainsHere I begin to widen in my course. People begin to make use of my water. Here it is as pure as anything. In my upper course, people have built up towns of pilgrimage. They have built temples on my banks. Hundreds ofpeople bathe in my sacredwater. They worship the deities in those temples. They regard me as very sacred. There are also several health resorts in my upper course. People from many parts of the country come there for a change. They walk on my banks. They enjoy the natural beauty. They recover their lost health and return home with a happy heart.My career in the lower plainsI have said before that I am very restless. I am constantly on the move downwards. Leaving the upper plains behind I flow down through the lower plains. My water increases the fertility of the fields on either side of my banks. Abundant crops grow there. The country become prosperous.Towns on my banksPeople have built large towns on my banks. Someof these towns are centresof culture. Some have commercial importance. People carry on trade and commerce. They ply boatsand steamers along my surface. These carry manyimportant goods for trade….
I am fragile. I am not…


Data Table 1: Length measurements.
ObjectLength (cm)Length (mm)Length (m)
CD or DVD12 cm 120mm 0.12 m
Key5 cm50mm0.01m
Data Table 2: Temperature measurements.
WaterTemperature (°C)Temperature (°F)Temperature (K)
Hot from tap42c107.6f315 k
Boiling99 c210.0 f372 k
Boiling for 5 minutes100 c212 f373 k
Cold from tap18 c64.4 f291 k
Ice water – 1 minute10 c50 f283 k
Ice water – 5 minutes5 c41 f278 k
Data Table 3: Mass measurements
ObjectEstimated Mass (g)Actual Mass (g)Actual mass (kg)
Pen or pencil5g5.1 g.0051 kg
3 Pennies9g8.1 g.0081 kg
1 Quarter5g5.6 g.0056 kg
2 Quarters, 3 Dimes12g12.4 g.0124 kg
4 Dimes, 5 Pennies22.0 g22.0 g.0220 kg
3 Quarters, 1 Dime, 5 Pennies34 g32.4 g.0324 kg
Key12.0 g12.0 g.0120 kg
Key, 1 Quarter, 4 Pennies30 g28.3 g.0283 kg
Data Table 4: Liquid measurements.
Mass AMass BMass B – ALiquid
Cylinder (g)Graduated
with liquid (g)Liquid (g)Densityg/mL
Isopropyl alcohol5ml21.925.83.983.98/5ml0.98%
Data Table 5: Magnet – Measurement Method.Object:Mass
Data Table 6: Displacement method.Object
(g)Initial volume of graduated cylinder (mL)Final volume of graduated cylinder (mL)Object Volume (mL) Density
Data Table 1: Length measurements.
ObjectLength (cm)Length (mm)Length (m)
CD or DVD12 cm 120mm 0.12 m
Key5 cm50mm0.01m
Data Table 2: Temperature measurements.
WaterTemperature (°C)Temperature (°F)Temperature (K)
Hot from tap42c107.6f315 k
Boiling99 c210.0 f372 k
Boiling for 5 minutes100 c212 f373 k
Cold from tap18 c64.4 f291 k
Ice water – 1 minute10 c50 f283 k
Ice water – 5 minutes5 c41 f278 k
Data Table 3: Mass measurements
ObjectEstimated Mass (g)Actual Mass…

dumpster diving response

“Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner, was a very interesting piece. In some ways it was like a tutorial. He teaches us a lot of different things such as how to properly dumpster dive, how to scavenge gradually, and how to eat safely. People would commonly feel sorry for him, but in a way I feel like he doesn’t mind it. In the first paragraph, he expresses to the reader that he was always interested in Dumpsters by saying “Long before I began dumpster diving I was impressed with dumpsters, enough so that I wrote the Merriam-Webster research service to discover what I could about the word Dumpster.” Reading this, you get a little thought that he’s doing something that he somewhat enjoys. The overall theme is “Wastefulness”, as a scavenger he tells the reader how much he has learned from his experiences. He states, “Although if I could, I would naturally prefer to live the comfortable consumer life, perhaps-and only perhaps-as a slightly less wasteful consumer, owing to what I have learned as a scavenger.” Basically saying that if he was going to live the average life, he would be smart about what he throws out rather than the average human that wastes things that could be put to use. He expresses the theme by using definitions, compare and contrast, and processes, which also tells the reader that he is an intelligent man. I very much enjoyed reading this piece, as it shows the world in a different perspective. A perspective in which would normally not be viewed, which makes this story so appealing to me.

international finance

The Revaluation of Chinese Yuan
Problem Definition
Throughout 2004 to 2005, U.S. Government had urged China to revalue the Chinese Yuan, from its long peg to U.S dollar of Yuan 8.28/$. U.S argued that growing Chinese trade surplus that Yuan was significantly overvalued.Even many Chinese also acknowledged that remaining the pegged rate was costly, as continued to buy U.S dollars.
On the other side, Chinese government and many international trade experts did not agree. Argued the trade surplus with the U.S was a result of competitiveness, cost of production and so on. So the revaluation of Chinese seems to be a political issue among China, U.S, Europe and Japan.
The Chinese economy continued to growth more than 10% of its real GDP, so the economy was too large to remain a second-rate country. The immediate change was a revaluation of approximately 2.1%, much smaller than the critics said it should be 10% to 20%.
Chinese economy has become increasingly integral to the economies of Asia, so the revaluation is also relative more to Asian countries. Chinese export to almost everywhere in the world, an revaluation of Chinese Yuan could mean the cost of goods sold rise in terms of dollar or euro, the export would face change. However, imports such as purchasing airplane, could be easier.
If the Chinese Yuan is devalued, U.S. Dollar is appreciated, Chinese Yuan goes down compare with dollar. China had a dollar-pegged system in 1997, for around Yuan 8.28/$. The immediate change was to Yuan 8.11/$ still not undervalued. In July 21, 2005, China reformed the exchange rate regime by moving into a managed floating exchange rate regime based on market supply and demand with reference to a basket of currencies.
China was under too much pressure from the U.S, Europe, Japan and other countries about the Yuan revaluation. Socialism and the market forces the Chinese government to revalue in order to reduce its export surplus.Analysis
1.Chinese Yuan is devalued,…


In this essay I am writing about that school should be extended for five year. I think that school should be extended for five year because it will help you how you are educate. The school for five year will help you a lot when you are doing something. The school for five year could help you in most everything that you are doing. I think that if you go to school for five years you could learn a lot of skills. School could help you out of most anything that you want to do in this world. School could teach you how to be educator. By going to school is a good thing because if you go to school it could help have experience in everything that you are doing. To have experience you to do that thing you do best and how well you do at it. I think that school could teach you how to have experience in everything you are doing. I know that to go to school you have to choice to go to school because nobody can make you go to school. I know that school are not for everyone but I think that every children should go to school because if you Stress in any family system can be seen as either an adaptation potential or a negative force. Many effects on the family are either external or internal in nature, such as stress or boundaries. The home I was raised in was much more boundary driven than stress. The internal boundaries set as children were quite rigid, which I have later grown to appreciate. Our family set limits to what was brought into the home; be it behaviors, values, or otherwise. Our duties as children were to obey the parents’ rules and do as they say…. [tags: Family Psychology ]
:: 4 Works Cited 1913 words
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The significance of family – … The best form of therapy and most successful type of counseling and therapy is tailored to the specific needs of the family. It is my foundational belief that everyone, regardless of their situation and circumstance, fundamentally want to be heard, acknowledged and remembered. The second topic…


Coral Reef Ecosystems What is a coral reef? Coral reefs are the most biologically diverse marine eco-systems on
earth, rivaled only by the tropical rainforests on land. Corals grow
over geologic time and have been in existence about 200 million years.
Corals reached their current level of diversity 50 million years ago. The delicately balanced marine environment of the coral reef relies on
the interaction of hard and soft corals, sponges, anemones, snails,
rays, crabs, lobsters, turtles, dolphins and other sea life.
What is a coral reef made of? A coral reef is composed of thin plates or layers of calcium carbonate
secreted over thousands of years by billions of tiny soft bodied
animals called coral polyps. It takes years for some corals to grow an
inch and they range in size from a pinhead to a foot in length. Each
polyp excretes a calcereous exo-skeleton and lives in a symbiotic
relationship with a host algae, zooxanthellae, that gives the coral
its color. Zooxanthellae takes in carbon dioxide, process is through
photosynthesis, and then gives off oxygen as a by-product that is used
by the host polyp. Millions of polyps grow on top of the limestone
remains of former colonies to create the massive reefs. Yet these tiny
animals form the only natural formation visible from outer space.
More about corals Corals are divided into two kinds and both are stationary on the ocean
bottom. Hard corals such as brain, star, staghorn, elkhorn and pillar
corals have rigid exoskeletons, or corallites, that protect their soft
delicate bodies. Gorgonians, or soft corals, such as sea fans, sea
whips, and sea rods, sway with the currents and lack an exoskeleton. Coral reefs depend upon mangroves and sea grasses Mangroves are salt-tolerant trees with submerged roots that are a
nursery and breeding ground for birds and most of the marine life that
migrates to the reef. Mangroves trap and produce…