Oedipus Rex Trial
Oedipus the king has very complex plot written, this story is like a puzzle to carry out the process of solution. This story is written by Sophocle. There are a lot of famous tragic story that use a similar formula, Oedipus is the same. Oedipus is a good natural person that has bad judgment. First, he has a reversal that starts as a happy citizen until he starts the doubt who he really is, his real identity. Next, he recognizes what he’ve done and that guilt will be deeply burry inside of his heart, never forget. Last, he suffers in many levels of pain because he is the main key that unlocks all the answers, that also leads him toward the tragedy. These stages that Oedipus endures demonstrate the power of wisdom/knowledge.
At the beginning, Laius has abduct other king’s son, Chrysippus. Laius receive an oracle from Delphi which tell him that he must not have a child with his wife (Jocasta), or the child (Oedipus) would kill him and marry his wife. “Do you remember Laius, that night long past which bred a child for us to send you to your death and leave a mother making children with her son” (page 474 line1364-1367). To prevent this from happening, he stabs his son’s ankle and put him on the mountain die alone. Fortunately, a shepherd finds him and gives him to the King Polybus and Queen Merope of Corinth who raise him to adulthood. From time to time, Oedipus start to doubt who he really is, he thinks his parents are hiding “the truth” from him. Now his life is full of frustrations and he is anxious to find out. The second messenger knows Oedipus’s identity and he refuses to tell him the truth, then Oedipus decides to travel and find his way out. While Oedipus is traveling, he meets the blind prophet, he tells Oedipus that in the future, he will kill his father, marry his mother and have four kids. To avoid that from happening, he leaves Corinth. Oedipus travels to Thebes, on his way he encounters a travelling caravan. Both claim right…

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