MGT 373 Entire CourseFor more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comMGT 373 Week 1 Individual Assignment Business and Leisure Events PaperMGT 373 Week 1 DQ 1MGT 373 Week 1 DQ 2MGT 373 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Roles and Responsibilities PaperMGT 373 Week 2 DQ 1MGT 373 Week 2 DQ 2MGT 373 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Event RFPMGT 373 Week 3 DQ 1MGT 373 Week 3 DQ 2MGT 373 Week 4 Individual Assignment Sales, Marketing, and Technology PaperMGT 373 Week 4 Team Assignment RFP Team Re-work MGT 373 Week 4 DQ 1MGT 373 Week 4 DQ 2MGT 373 Week 5 Individual Assignment Trend Article Analysis__________________________________________________________________________________MGT 373 Week 1 Individual AssignFor more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comPrepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you distinguish between business and leisure events. Address the following: Identify types of business events.
Identify types of leisure events.
Explain differences and similarities between business and leisure events.
Prepare to discuss this assignment in class.
__________________________________________________________________________________MGT 373 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Roles and Responsibilities PaperFor more course tutorials visit
Submit your Roles and Responsibilities Paper to the facilitator.Select one of the following events, which is the basis for this and subsequent assignments: A three-day trade show with 500 attendees, 70 exhibitors, and a $500,000 budget
A two-day corporate meeting for a transnational organization, including 5 break-out sessions and 5 seminars with 500 attendees, and a $250,000 budget
A two-day charity golf tournament and awards banquet with 200 attendees and a $300,000 budget

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