Chapter Seven Q and A7-1 Question
• Explain the relationship between blogs,
MROC’s and marketing research2 Answer
•Blogs are a source of information that can be tracked
chronologically. First, the information can be used as sources of
secondary data. Second, the process can be studied as a form of
observational research. For example, word-of-mouth research can
be studied by following how quickly information provided by a blog
disseminates into the public. However, blogs place no controls over
content. There is no guarantee that the information in a blog will be
of any value. MROC’s are invited blogs. The dialogue is ongoing
and more “on topic.” Respondents are invited based on qualifying
characteristics. There would be much less “waste” in responses
from an MROC where the objectives of the ongoing dialogue are
known to the respondent.3 Question
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online
focus groups.
 4 Answer
••••Online focus groups are made up from databases of individuals who
volunteer to participate. The databases can be screened to make
up groups of individuals that meet certain criteria that are important
to the research sponsor.
Benefits are the lack of geographic barriers, greater access to
individuals with special characteristics, much lower cost, faster turnaround time, and (possibly) greater candor on the part of
Criticisms of online focus groups are the lack of interaction between
participants, difficulty in evaluating non-verbal responses, difficulty
for the research sponsors to observe the group in action, a range of
security and privacy issues, and problems with outside interference.
As long as the researcher and the sponsor understand these
limitations it is possible to get useful information from either sort of
focus group.
5 Question
• Explain the difference between a
traditional marketing research survey
and a social media community…

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