Korean War Changes
The Korean War was a conflict that changed an entire country. Before the war began Korea was a country that was not wealthy, and in fact was labeled as a third world nation. After the war ended a new Korea emerged in two distinct states, on to the North, the communists, and another to the South, the capitalists. Today South Korea has one of the fastest growing economies on the planet, while the North suffer from poverty.First of all, an illustrious college background is important due to the qualities of the student it represents; aspiration and passion. In other words, those who pursue good college education represent a group of people who dream big and want to increase their chances of success in society. According to a survey done by the Korea Herald on Seoul’s top 10% of high school students, 97% of the students responded that they wanted to enroll in Korea’s best universities. The statistic demonstrates that the majority of the students who try their best and receive high grade marks want to have a college education after high school. It can be inferred that these hardworking and aspiring students believe that a university education is an essential stepping stone in achieving their global ambitions. Consequently, attending a prestigious college in essence is showing the world one’s diligent attitude in work and momentous ambitions.Second, a renowned university education is essential in that it creates an influential school network. To be specific, a college education will equip students with a powerful school network that will prove helpful once the student starts working. I would like to illustrate this with a personal example. Recently, my father’s company hired new employees, most of them who had just graduated college or had completed MBA’s. Fortunately, my father was assigned the role of the interviewer; he had a significant influence in the applicant’s success. He later told me that there were too many applicants who scored…

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