James Madison, Jr., was born on March 16, 1751, in Port Conway, Virginia. He was the oldest of seven children in his family and the most successful . His parents were James Madison, Sr., and Eleanor Conway. James Madison, Sr., was one of the most top landowners in Orange County and raised his family on the Montpelier plantation near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. He held several public offices in Orange County during his career, including sheriff and justice of the peace. Encouraged by Martin, Madison entered the College of New Jersey now Princeton University in 1769. He was a dedicated student and spent most of his time studying his courses, which included debate, Greek, Latin, science, literature, and philosophy. While in college Madison was interested by students and faculty who were opposed to British rule in the colonies. He joined the American Whig Society, an anti-British student club, and closely followed the events of colonial resistance to British delegation and taxation. After earning his bachelor’s degree in 1771, Madison returned to Montpelier and studied politics, history, and law independently. He became interested in law but never pursued entrance to the bar. He remained undecided about his career until his father offered him an opportunity in politics. James Madison was elected to his first public office in 1774 with the Orange County Committee of Safety, an organization his father chaired. Madison entered the Orange County militia in 1775 as a colonel at the beginning of the American Revolution. His poor health from a nervous disorder kept him from combat duty, and he served only a short time in the military.In 1808, Charles C. Pinckney, Federalist candidate from SC was his main opposition. George Clinton from NY also ran against him and won 6 electoral votes in his home state. In 1812, DeWitt Clinton, from New York, was his Federalist opponent. His Vice presidents were George Clinton in 1809–1812 and Elbridge Gerry 1813–1814….

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