It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the actual fact that the net has reworked the speedy access to data within the past years, search engines has compete a significant role in seeking data to the extent that “to Google” has become “de facto” (in fact) that could be a verb in English language by mid-2003, despite the objections of the corporate (QUINT, 2002; BBC, 2003)
The various extensions of Google which has Google scholar (for retrieving educational materials), Google prints (for retrieving digitized textbooks), and Google map (for retrieving location) have so proved to be a quick and straightforward ways to retrieving data. It has made it easier for college and university students to have access to data while not considering the standard and reliability of those data. This extension has conjointly given these students the beliefs that every data can be accessed through Google; this has reduced the rate at which students visit the libraries to access data and information.
“In less than a decade, internet search engines have completely changed how people gather information. No longer do we have to run to a library to look up something; rather we can pull up documents with just a few clicks on a keyboard. Now….Googling has become synonymous with doing research” (Mostafa, 2005).
Fast and Campbell (2004) found that students “admired the organization of an OPAC, but preferred to use the web in spite of its disorganized state”
It is tough to dispute the actual fact that it is really convenient to retrieve data on the net apart from having to travel through databases to retrieve data. However, when considering standard of knowledge and not quantity, Google will not offer detailed, accurate and verifiable information or data. This essay will give elaborate analysis why Google is not all that is required for retrieving or seeking detailed and quality data for study in colleges and universities.STANDARD OF KNOWLEDGE OF INFORMATION…

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