Question Group A:
What is a political partyAn organization with like-minded political views and ideas
Identify the two major parties in American politics.
Democrats and Republicans
Identify and explain five important things political parties do.
Point out weaknesses in other parties
Point out laws and programs that can potentially better the government
Keep all citizens informed and interested
Ensure that public officials do a good job
Select candidates to run for office
What is a two-party systemWhen only two political parties compete for office
Which party dominated the South between the Civil War and the 1960sDemocratic-Republicans
How did the Framers feel about political partiesThe framers opposed political parties because they felt that parties would divide the nation
What were the first two political partiesDemocratic-Republicans and the Federalists
Question Group B:
What is a single member districtContests in which only one candidate is elected to each office on the ballot
How do single-member district candidates winPlurality—the largest number of votes cast for the office
How does this system encourage a two party systemVoters typically must choose between the party in power or the party with the best chance of winning the election, otherwise voters believe they are wasting votes.
In general, how do the two parties differ in their positions on social welfare programsDemocrats typically support government sponsored social welfare, Republicans typically believe government should stay out of social welfare
Identify the 9 minor parties listed at the start of chapter 5 section 4.
Natural Law
American Independent
What are the four types of minor partiesIdeological parties
Single-issue parties
Economic protest parties
Splinter parties
Define the purposes of each and give examples.
Ideological parties—based on a particular set of…

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