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mReport will be delivered with in 15-20 working daysRequest SampleBuy Now REPORT DESCRIPTIONLactitol is one of the artificial sugar alcohols which is used as an alternative sweetener in low-calorie foods. It is not available
naturally and is derived from whey. It is 60% relatively less sweet than table sugar and comprises of two calories per gram.
Lactitol is also utilized medically as a laxative. The glycemic index of lactitol is low and hence it is beneficial for diabetic
patients. The two major manufacturers of lactitol are Pura Biochem and Danisco which is one of the subsidiaries of DuPont.
Lactitol has wide applications in the food industry as a valuable ingredient, especially in biscuits, chocolate, candy, ice-cream,
and chewing gums. It does not absorb moisture as it is non-hygroscopic in nature, and so it is used in keeping cookies crisp and
fresh. Lactitol slows down the metabolism rate of the oral bacteria thereby preventing dental caries or cavities. It is used in
cooking or processing foods owing to its heat and pH stability. It also possesses some prebiotic properties beneficial for the
growth of useful bacteria in the colon. Thus, lactitol has various applications in different industries owing to which it is
experiencing fuelled market growth.
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The increasing number of health conscious people and the increasing prevalence of diabetic patients are…

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