ECON 545 All Weeks Discussion (DEVRY)
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W1 DQ1 Evaluating a Dilemma (graded)
W1 DQ2 Evaluating Elements (graded)
W2 DQ1 Review of an Advertisement (graded)
W2 DQ2 Common Expectations (graded)
W3 DQ1 Taking a Position on Animal Rights (graded)
W3 DQ2 Points of Contention (graded)
W4 DQ1 Proposing Solutions (graded)
W4 DQ2 Research Topic (graded)
W5 DQ1 Summarizing Factors in your Health and Wellness (graded)
W5 DQ2 Summarizing and Paraphrasing (graded)
W6 DQ1 Food and Culture (graded)
W6 DQ2 Researching and Citing Sources (graded)
W7 Presentations ————————————————————————————————————————————————————–
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Week 1-7 All Discussion Questions
Week 1 – Restaurant EvaluationWeek 2 – Omnivore’s Dilemma Book ReviewWeek 3 – Position PaperWeek 4 – Research ProposalWeek 5 – Annotated BibliographyWeek 6 – Research Paper DraftWeek 7 – Revising the Research PaperWeek 8 – Final Research Paper
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Your teacher will assign you to a peer review team. Complete the second draft of your paper and post it to your team Discussion board for peer review as directed. An additional 3-4 pages should be added to your draft from last week. You will peer review two classmates’ second drafts, and your peer reviews are due at the end of the week to the same thread. This week, you are…

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