The Original and still the Best Flea Market in town. Voted Pasadena Weekly’s Readers choice 3 years in a row! Over 400 great vendorsA…Read MoreLancer Radio Network, located on the beautiful campus of Pasadena City College, is a student-operated radio station, streaming 24/7 and providing a platform for students to produce quality live, remote & downloadable audio.The mission of Pasadena City College is to provide a high quality, academically robust learning environment that encourages, supports and facilitates student learning and success.GO TO LANCER RADIO NETWORK
Talk Programming
Lancer Radio Network hosts a variety of talk programs, covering political issues, current affairs, entertainment trends and technical trends. Lancer Radio Network hosts provide provocative in-depth commentary and bring in experts in their respective fields for live in-studio interviews.
Sports Programming
Lancer Radio Network remote team provides live remote coverage of virtually every PCC athletic event on campus, including both men’s and women’s division. Event coverage includes men’s and women’s soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, water polo, track and football.
Music Programming
Lancer Radio Network music programming combines in studio-performances from up-and-coming indie artists with in-depth interviews of local bands and artists performing everything from folk to punk. Stay tuned for our live video feed of studio performances!
News Programming
Lancer Radio Network has partnered with Pasadena City College’s web studio, “Lancer Lens” to provide top of the hour campus news. To find out more about “Lancer Lens,” follow them on Twitter at #pcclancerlens.PCC One Logo
Board of Trustees
Office of the President-Superintendent
Governance & Administration
Human Resources
Staff Services
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Copyright 2013 Pasadena City College1570 E. Colorado…

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