CIS 106 Strayer Test Bank
All Chapters included with answers.
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Chapter 1: History and Social Implications of Computing Chapter 2: Computing Security and Ethics Chapter 3: Computer Architecture Chapter 4: Networks Chapter 5: The Internet Chapter 6: Database Fundamentals Chapter 7: Numbering Systems and Data Representation Chapter 8: Data Structures Chapter 9: Operating Systems Chapter 10: File Structures Chapter 11: The Human-Computer Interface Chapter 12: Problem Solving and Debugging Chapter 13: Software Engineering Chapter 14: Programming I Chapter 15: Programming II All Chapters included with answers.
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TRUE/FALSE 1. Good computer security is as much about locking doors, storing backups, and following protocol as it is about writing smarter software to catch the bad guys. 2. Almost all intruders are fairly innocent computer users who stumble into a security hole and cause problems. 3. Altruism tends to motivate directed hackers, who are…

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