When you are in a large city and you want to grab something to eat, the decision can be hard because there are so many different places to eat. Big cities have every type of fast food you can imagine such as Chinese, Asian, American, Mexican, Greek, and many more. They also have a huge selection of chain restaurants. One type of restaurant that you won’t find as often is the Mom and Pop restaurants. These aren’t as successful as they are in smaller cities and towns. In contrast small town cuisine is very limited compared to city food. Most of the restaurants there are family restaurants that have been passed from generation to generation. The fast food selection in small towns is also very limited. Some small towns do not even have a single fast food eatery.
In America most of our goods are purchased in stores. In large cities, there is an abundance of stores, everything from a specialty health food store to a party supply store, or even a name brand clothing store. But the supermarkets of a city may carry a lower grade of fresh produce and the prices for it are higher. In small towns the produce sections the food is fresh, and there’s usually not hard to find a sale on fruit. There had better be because often there’s a farmer selling even fresher produce at his stand just around the corner. The difference from large city shopping compared to small town shopping can be drastically different. In most cases small towns do not have shopping malls or specialty stores. They usually have a small supermarket and superstore. Prices for food may be lower in small towns, but prices are higher for just about everything else. The city has the megastores with their phenomenal bargains. When person who lives in a small town needs to do a lot of heavy duty non-food shopping, he goes to the nearest city. Cities usually have several malls with a huge selection of stores and services. Another thing that they have a large abundance of is supermarkets and superstores.
When it…

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